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Full Name : Zhang Yide []
Life Span : 54 years [167 - 221 AD]
Served : Liu Bei
Home  : Zhuo county, Zhuo district [Zhuozhou in Hebei prov.]
Rank/Title  : General of Chariots and Cavalry / Lord of Xinting -
  : Lord of Xixiang - Powerful Lord
Description  : Tiger General of Shu

     Accompanying Liu Bei in his quest were Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, a warrior who wielded an 18-foot Octane-Serpent Spear. Zhang Fei rose up with the confederate league to expel Dong Zhuo from Luoyang. In the struggle at Tigertrap Pass, he intercepted Lu Bu's spear with his spear to save Gongsun Zan. Zhang Fei and Lu Bu fought one-on-one as the din of their blows rose to the skies. Though neither man could gain an edge, Zhang Fei won military glory with the display of his prowess. He is said to have a strength of Lu Bu and a fighting skill of Ma Chao. Cheng Yu, a rival, remarked out of fear and admiration, "The strength of Zhang Fei and Guan Yu combined is equal to an army of ten thousand soldiers!"
     When Cao Cao descended on the south, forcing Liu Bei to flee, Zhang Fei retaliated alone. He was menacing as he rode up to the Changban bridge and bellowed in a thunderous voice, "I am Zhang Fei of Yan! Is there a single one of you who dares meet my wrath?" Paralyzed in terror, Cao Cao's men could neither advance nor retreat. One general among them reeled and came crashing down from his steed. His courage broken. Cao Cao whipped his horse and fled at full speed with his army stampeding after him. Thus, Zhang Fei helped Liu Bei out of a dangerous situation.
     Impressive though he was, vulgarity was second nature to Zhang Fei. On more than one occasion he was defeated because of his weakness for wine. He rectified his mistakes by helping Liu Bei gain headway into the Shu kingdom. Zhang Fei went out to challenge their prime contender, Yan Yan. For the first time in his career, he coupled reason and force to his advantage. Feigning a drunken scene, he lured Yan Yan out into the open and captured him. Yan Yan struggled and cried, "Behead every man in my district if you want, but not one will ever submit to you!" Struck by these heroic words, Zhang Fei showed his respect by releasing him. Overcome by the change in his captor, Yan Yan decided to surrender. Thereafter, Zhang Fei always created a plan before going to battle. Thus, he later overthrew Zhang He and took possesion of Hanzhong.
      Zhang Fei was civil with men of rank, but he had no patience for subordinates. Liu Bei was constantly reproaching him, "You are too quick to deal out heavy penalties and many men die by your word. Every day a man suffers by the whip in your camp. Beaten men do not constitute a loyal army!" However, he was deaf to advice. When Zhang Fei went out to avenge Guan Yu's death, two bitter officers, Fan Jiang and Zhang Da, approached him while he slumbered and stabbed him to death.