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Full Name : Xu Gongming []
Life Span : 58 years [169 - 227 AD]
Served : Yang Feng, Cao Cao, Cao Pi, Cao Rui
Home  : Yang county, Hedong district [Hongdong in Shanxi prov.]
Rank/Title  : General Who Pacifies the South - General of the Right /
  : Lord of Luxiang - Lord of Yangping - Courageous Lord
Description  : Great General of Wei

     Xu Huang was a valiant warrior who wielded a heavy Giant-Axe. In the beginning, he followed General Yang Feng and became his trusted general and was promoted Cavalry Commander for his outstanding military achievements. Under Yang Feng's command, Xu Huang saved Emperor Xian and scored many victories when fighting against Dong Zhuo's remained forces such as Li Jue and Guo Si. Emperor Xian recognized his achievement and rewarded him greatly.
     When Cao Cao entered the capital Luoyang, he started to hold the power and decided to move the court to Xuchang with the Emperor. Cao Cao was on his way when Yang Feng and Han Xuan opposed him. In front of them all, stood Xu Huang who offered his challenge. Cao Cao secretly admired him and ordered Xu Chu to go and fight Xu Huang. Both fought more than half a hundred bouts without advantage to either side. Unwilling to use any great force against Xu Huang, Cao Cao tried to win him over instead. Xu Huang was talked into to join Cao Cao by his old friend Man Chong. After much consideration, he left with his own men and deserted to Cao Cao.
     Xu Huang was very talented and was brave enough to cut into enemy's array. Throughout all his life, Xu Huang dealt with matters with care and caution. He and Zhang Liao were having a good friendship with Guan Yu when the latter surrendered to Cao Cao. Xu Huang aided Cao Cao when he was fighting Lu Bu and accompanied Cao Cao in nearly every major battles he had and played a major role at the Battle of Guandu and further conquest of the northern regions.
     When Changan was attacked by Ma Chao, Xu Huang was ordered to guard the Tong Pass together with Cao Hong. They were to hold the Pass for ten days while waiting for the main army led by Cao Cao. At the ninth day, seeing that the enemies had turned all their horses loose and were unprepared and fatigued, Cao Hong led his men to have a surprise attack, but it turned out to be a trap. When Xu Huang heard what his colleague had done, he immediately went to the rescue and both fled to Cao Cao. Then Xu Huang helped Cao Cao in defeating Ma Chao and the conquest of Hanzhong. In 219 AD, Xu Huang was sent to stop Guan Ping at Yencheng which was succeeded. Then he began to penetrate deeper and chased his friend Guan Yu. When Guan Yu tried to stop him from chasing by talking about their friendship, Xu Huang replied, "Today I am on state business, and I have no inclination to let private friendship override my public duty." Cao Cao praised his action later and rewarded him greatly. Xu Huang was sent soon after to manage the defense of Xiangyang.
     Later Xu Huang joined Sima Yi in his expedition as van-leader to fight Meng Da who planned to betray Wei and aid Zhuge Liang. Xu Huang rode forward and called out for Meng Da as a traitor, but Meng Da answered with arrows which flew through his forehead. Xu Huang was brought back to the camp but he was fatally wounded and died that night at the age of 59.