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Full Name : Taishi Ziyi []
Life Span : 43 years [166 - 209 AD]
Served : Liu Yong, Sun Ce, Sun Quan
Home  : Huang county, Donglai [Huang county in Shandong prov.]
Rank/Title  : Imperial Corps Commander Who Oppresses the Enemy
Description  : Great General of Wu

     Taishi Ci was faithful in his duties and an expert in archery. When Kong Rong of Beihai was besieged by Yellow Turban rebels, Taishi Ci left his aged mother's side and enlisted as a messenger of Kong Rong and fight side by side with Liu Bei's army. His main wanted to repay Kong Rong for helping his mother in the past. Kong Rong knew him by reputation as a bold warrior, and he showed his appreciation by treating his guest with the greatest respect. After Beihai was settled, Taishi Ci served under Liu Yong. He was anxious to move on to braver tasks, yet Liu Yong would not trust him with anything of importance.
     Taishi Ci still under Liu Yong when he intercepted Sun Ce. They engaged in hand-to-hand combat, but neither man could gain an edge. Eventually Taishi Ci fell into a trap set by Zhou Yu to catch him alive, and he was taken back to camp. Sun Ce respected him and treated him well. Deeply impressed by his captors attitude, Taishi Ci joined his army, and kept his promise when Sun Ce let him go. The next day, he returned with about a thousand troops.
     Taishi Ci helped Sun Ce drove Yan Baihu away at Wujun. In one incident, he accurately hit an enemy's hand with an arrow who was up on the wall abusing Sun Ce's men. Both sides, those on the wall and those below it, marveled and acclaimed at such marksmanship.
     Later, he served Sun Quan, Sun Ce's successor, and put his actions in the Battle at Red Wall. Then, in an attack on Hefei, he devised a plan to overthrow Zhang Liao, who was hiding within the city walls. His allies within the city cleared a path by which he could reach Zhang Liao, however his scheme backfired. He fell into an ambush set at the castle gates. Hit by a myriad of arrows, Taishi Ci was fatally wounded.
     Sun Quan was exceedingly sad and went to see him. Taishi Ci left with these words: "When a worthy person is born into a turbulent world, he has to be a soldier and gird on a three-span sword to step on the mountains to mend the sky. I have not rendered great service. Why must I die before I have attained my desire?"