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Full Name : Sun Zhongmou []
Life Span : 70 years [182 - 252 AD]
Served : -
Home  : Fuchun county, Wujun [Fuyang in Zhejiang prov.]
Rank/Title  : Emperor / Lord of Nanchang - Emperor Great
Description  : First Emperor of Wu

     Sun Jian's second son. Sun Quan was known for his generous nature and decisive power. He fulfilled his brother Sun Ce's last prophecy by stabilizing the eastern provinces. In the process he killed Huang Zu at Xiakou to avenge his father's death. He invited many people to aid him and thus obtained the assistance of many people of ability both in peace and war. Under his rule, the lands of Wu were prosperous and the people lived with peace.
     However, when Cao Cao descended to the south, he became worried. But Lu Su, Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu convinced him to fight. Following their advice, Sun Quan dispatched the majority of his forces to counter Cao Cao's assault on the south. With Zhou Yu in command, his men annihilated Cao Cao in the Battle of Red Wall. Then he led an attack on Hefei and encountered many fights without any advantage. He suffered heavy defeat when he met Zhang Liao and lost two leaders.
     In Jingzhou, Guan Yu grew in power after the war, and Sun Quan ordered Lu Meng to check his movements. Lu Meng won Jingzhou away when Guan Yu was attacking Fancheng to the north. These events brought forth an incursion from the west by Liu Bei. Sun Quan was forced to create a temporary pact with the Wei Kingdom to fend off Liu Bei at Yiling. Then, with Lu Xun in supreme command of all his forces, they beat back Liu Bei. Sun Quan declared himself Emperor of Wu at 229 AD and he assumed Yellow Dragon as his reign style.
     Sun Quan succeeded where his brother did not. He purposely employed tacticians to protect his territory. Many great men were born of the Sun clan, but their talents were short-lived. Of them all, Sun Quan was the only one blessed to live out a long life.