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Full Name : Sun Bofu []
Life Span : 25 years [175 - 200 AD]
Served : Yuan Shu
Home  : Fuchun county, Wujun [Fuyang in Zhejiang prov.]
Rank/Title  : General Who Punishes Renegades / Lord of Wu -
  : King of Changsha
Description  : Founder of Wu - Elder Brother of Sun Quan

     Sun Jian's eldest son. Sun Ce was a man of obvious valor. However, his quick and furious temper was the shortcoming in his character. After his father's death he served under Yuan Shu. He appointed Sun Ce Commander and sent him on various expeditions, all of which were successful. Yuan Shu once admired him and said, "If I had a son like Sun Ce, I should die without regret." After Sun Ce had subdued Lu Kang, the Governor of Lujiang, Yuan Shu had a great banquet to celebrate the victory. But Sun Ce returned to his camp very bitter over the arrogant and patronizing airs of his patron. Out of restlessness he embarked on his own conquest for fame.
     In compensation for leaving and borrowing three thousand troops, he left the Hereditary Seal, a memento from his father, with Yuan Shu. With the help of his father's loyal generals, his close friend Zhou Yu, Zhang Zhao and Zhang Hong, he overthrew Liu Yong, Yan Baihu and Wang Lang, and took the lands east of the Yangtze River. His stern delegation of other warriors earned him the nickname "Little Prince." He improved the conditions of the people and maintained order so that his adherents and supporters daily increased. He was called Sun Ce the Bright. And thus Sun Ce won the respect and praise of everyone and became very powerful.
     Cao Cao was the only obstacle in Sun Ce's path to the title he aspired for, "Grand Commander." He planned to ambush Cao Cao amidst his battle against Yuan Shao, but Xu Gong saw through his plans and sent a warning. Sun Ce's men intercepted the letter and brought Xu Gong to their camp. Sun Ce was civil at first, but in a violent burst of anger he had him executed. One day when Sun Ce was out hunting, he was fatally wounded with a poisonous arrow by three men out to avenge Xu Gong's death. On his recovery while preparing an attack on Cao Cao together with Yuan Shao, he learned about a Taoist named Yu Ji. Blaming him for inciting people to evil deeds, Yu Ji was executed out of anger. Sun Ce himself was restless and his wound reopened.
     On his deathbed, Sun Ce summoned his brother Sun Quan and named him as his successor. He left him with these words: "You will never be as successful as I might have in wielding our eastern army against both of our opponents. However, as for inspiring the wise and encouraging the able to rise to our cause, I would not have succeeded as you will."