Romance of the Three Kingdoms Profiles

i.e. Liu Bei

Note: The age when the character died is his life span + 1 year, since in Chinese Tradition, a newly born child is age 1 accordingly.

    Profiles of The Famous Rulers
The end of the second century AD concurs with the decline of the Han Dynasty, a time of fierce rivalry. These are the contending warlords fought for the restoration of Han, yet some only sought personal acclaim. Successes and failures depended on the providence of heaven, use of the earth, and peace among the people.

    Profiles of the Wise Strategists
Each of these men soared on to great deeds with the trust of a hero. From central positions, they illuminated the pros and cons of any effort, and executed military tactics with expedience. They interpreted changes in heaven and on earth based on an intimacy with nature. During war, they commanded as if the battlefield was drawn out in the palm of their hands.

Profiles of the Valiant Generals
As right-hand men to their lords, these brave figures wielded great influence over their world. When they took to the battlefield, all eyes were on their disciplined swords and spears. Many battles were due to their performance and many lords owed their lives. They fought passionately to aid their lords in conquest of the empire.

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