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Full Name : Pang Shiyuan []
Life Span : 35 years [178 - 213 AD]
Served : Liu Bei
Home  : Xiangyang [Xiangpan city in Hubei prov.]
Rank/Title  : Master of the Forces / Lord of the Second Rank
Description  : Main Advisor of Liu Bei

     Scholar of Confucius thought and intrigue, Pang Tong was known as the "Blooming-Phoenix." As a Wu spy in the Battle at Red Wall, he devised and persuaded Cao Cao to follow the 'Chain-Link' scheme for his warships. Cao Cao agreed and adopted his plan by connecting up his ships with iron chains, thereby the ships would be steady on rough waters and reduced the number of soldiers falling ill due to rough waves. Cheng Yu warned Cao Cao about the danger of fire attack in such condition, but Cao Cao ignored him due to the wrong wind direction at that time.
     However, when the wind direction changed suddenly on a particular day, Cao Cao realised that he had been fooled by Pang Tong's plan of chaining up his ships. A massive incendiary attack by Zhou Yu destroyed Cao Cao's navy completely.
     After Zhou Yu's death, Pang Tong intended to serve Sun Quan but he was rejected due to his ugly looks and his comment about Zhou Yu hurt Sun Quan's feeling. Then he was recommended by Lu Su and Zhuge Liang to Liu Bei. Thereafter he served under Liu Bei.
     Advising Liu Bei in an attack on Yizhou, Pang Tong said, "You must adapt in turbulent times. Annex unstable lands and be a just ruler. Pay retribution to the people after war and they will find sincerity in your action. Take heed, if you do not claim the land now, someone else surely will." The otherwise hesitant Liu Bei was convinced, and decided to take Yizhou while it was weak. Before a feast to celebrate a succession of victories, Liu Bei confided to Pang Tong, "The banquet today will be a festive occasion!"
"Finding excitement in ravaging another man's country clearly shows that there is no virtue with men at war," admonished Pang Tong.
     In a later battle, Pang Tong was apprehensive as he approached the "Slope of the Fallen Phoenix." Before that, Pang Tong was thrown off his stead and Liu Bei offered him his white horse. When he reached the slope, Zhang Ren had laid an ambush and he assumed that Pang Tong was Liu Bei because of the white horse. Suddenly, as he was about to break free of that place, a shower of arrows poured down and killed him. Playful in the art of criticism, Pang Tong is honored for praising people of talent and striving to stimulate excellence in those around him.