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Full Name : Lu Zijing []
Life Span : 45 years [172 - 217 AD]
Served : Sun Quan
Home  : Dongcheng county, Linhuai [Huining in Jiangsu prov.]
Rank/Title  : Commandant Who Exerts Might / Governor of Hanchang
Description  : Main Advisor of Wu

     Lu Su first met Zhou Yu when Zhou Yu was short of grain, and he offered his granary to Zhou Yu. Admired by his generosity, Zhou Yu recommended him to Sun Quan. After they had met, Sun Quan treated him with the greatest deference and they became very close. One night, Sun Quan asked Lu Su if he foresaw an end to the chaos within the empire. "The Dynasty of Han is nearing a close and the entire empire is ill-omened," explained Sun Quan. "I have inherited a great task from my father and brother. I am considering a course of diplomacy, but first I would like to hear your opinion on this matter."
     Lu Su replied, "In my humble opinion, the best course for you is to secure the territory east of the Yangtze River. Be wary of the conflict around you. You do not face many problems with the north; and you need not worry about the south. Wait for the chance to overthrow Huang Zu and Liu Biao in Jingzhou. Once you have command of the Yangtze River basin, you may consolidate the empire and become the Son of Heaven." Lu Su's advice was virtually a design for two kingdoms, north and south. Hearing this Sun Quan was very pleased and thanked his newly-found adviser. Then Lu Su recommended his friend of great ability, Zhuge Jin to Sun Quan.
     When Cao Cao took Jingzhou and began an incursion southward with a million troops, Lu Su immediately proposed an alliance with Liu Bei. Sun Quan agreed and sent him over to Liu Bei. Lu Su brought back Zhuge Liang and tied up the alliance. Sun Quan summoned his advisers, but most were in favor of surrender, yet Lu Su alone disagreed. "By surrendering we are ensured peace, and can thereby preserve our noble lifestyle. But, noble ideals seem to be the only concern of these men. I hope you are not astray by their selfish advice." Sun Quan sighed and reflected on Lu Su's words, "I will not be thrown into despair by fears of others. Your thoughts confirm my own, Lu Su. Your words hold the blessing of Heaven." After Sun Quan met Zhou Yu, finally he decided to fight and appointed Lu Su as Commanding Assistant under Zhou Yu.
     After the great defeat of Cao Cao in the Battle at Red Wall, Sun Quan quarreled with Liu Bei for possession of Jingzhou. Zhou Yu named Lu Su his successor, and after he died, Lu Su succeeded him. Feeling that he was unfitted for this post, Lu Su recommended Pang Tong to Sun Quan, but was rejected, then he sent Pang Tong to Liu Bei. Lu Su always respected Liu Bei, therefore he quietly settled their disputes over Jingzhou with friendly advice. Lu Su was known for his generosity, his humble attitude and carefulness, and was well respected by others.