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Full Name : Lu Fengxian []
Life Span : 42 years [156 - 198 AD]
Served : Ding Yuan, Dong Zhuo, Zhang Miao
Rank/Title  : Commander of the Capital District / Lord of Luoyang
Description  : Supreme Warrior

     In the words of his mourners, "Lu Bu was as rare among men as the Red Hare was among horses." Sitting astride the Red Hare, and brandishing his mighty Lunar Spear, Lu Bu was unrivaled in his day. He mastered both archery and cavalry and highly skilled in combat. His hair was arranged under a handsome headdress of gold, donned a embroidered thousand-flower fighting robe, a pheasant-tailed helmet, a breast plate, and round his waist was a gleaming jade belt with a lion's head clasp. He seized opportunities and put self-aggrandizing schemes into action as he saw fit.
     Originally he was Ding Yuan's adopted son, but Li Su persuaded him over to Dong Zhuo's side with gifts of pearls, gold and mostly the Red Hare; a horse that ran like the wind. In a cold-hearted move, Lu Bu killed Ding Yuan and brought his men with him to serve Dong Zhuo. When he pledged his service, he promised to be Dong Zhuo's adopted son. But Lu Bu was an opportunist at heart. In an intriguing trap set by Wang Yun, Dong Zhuo and he fell in love with the same woman; Diao Chan. Despite their bond, they grew wary of each other. Finally, after conspiring with Wang Yun, Lu Bu killed Dong Zhuo. The slaying of both his foster fathers damaged Lu Bu's reputation.
     Lu Bu helped Wang Yun securing the capital Changan, but Dong Zhuo's remaining followers; Li Jue, Guo Si, Fan Chou, Zhang Ji and others led their armies to avenge Dong Zhuo's death since Wang Yun refused to give them amnesty. Following Jia Xu's advice, they advanced rapidly to the capital. Unable to repel their attacks, Lu Bu escaped eastwards with his remnant troops.
     When Cao Cao was away attacking Xuzhou, Lu Bu under Zhang Miao, aided by Chen Gong conquered most part of Yanzhou by surprise. However Cao Cao attacked him shortly to recapture Yanzhou. Unable to hold their base, Chen Gong advised him to sought shelter under Liu Bei in Xuzhou. Under Xun Yu's plot, Cao Cao managed to drive them apart. In the unguarded moment when Liu Bei left for the front to fight with Yuan Shu, Lu Bu snatched control of Xuzhou by defeating the drunken Zhang Fei. He refused to let Liu Bei return to Xuzhou, forcing him to withdraw to Xiaopei. In one incident, Lu Bu persuaded Liu Bei and Yuan Shu into withdrawing their armies by hitting his spear-head 150 paces distant from where he stood with an arrow, thus forcing them to make peace.
     Following Chen Gong's advice, Lu Bu threatened Liu Bei, forcing him to flee to Cao Cao. Chen Gui and Chen Deng secretly conspired against him with Cao Cao. Lu Bu immediately lost Xuzhou and Xiaopei and fled to Xiapi, when Cao Cao attacked by surprise. Lu Bu felt secure in his new stronghold and maintained his defense, but then his men betrayed him and tied him up while he was sleeping at the white gate tower of Xiapi. Despite his fierce struggle, Lu Bu was caught by Cao Cao and died by the executioner's blade.