Stories and Folktales in Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Birth of Liu Bei

Dead from a Needle

Empty City Ruse

Learn Martial Art at Zhong Shan

Peach Garden Oath

The Three Visits

Three Brothers vs
Lu Bu

Xiahou Dun Loses an Eye

Zhang Fei Stops Cao Cao at Changban Bridge

Zhao Yun Rescues Liu Shan

When Lu Bu was young, he had really strong muscles and was very brave. He liked swords, cobras, blades, and especially spears. His dad was really happy and sent him to Zhong Shan "Mountain Zhong" to learn more under a Taoist named Shi Kong when Lu Bu was fifteen. Shi Kong was really good at martial arts. He was ninety already but can still play around with swords easily. Especially the Lunar Spear, everybody have to give him a thumb-up for it. When Lu Bu went to him, he was happy to have a disciple who was very brave. So Shi Kong taught Lu Bu everything he knew. Then around a year had passed.

One day, Shi Kong was teaching Lu Bu how to use the Lunar Spear, it contain 72 moves, and Shi Kong already taught him 36. He stopped suddenly and started to worry. He knew the 72 moves of the Lunar Spear is divided up into two. The first 36 moves is great, but it is made up by the people. The last 36 moves is made up by a god which common people couldn't even think of.

The next day, he called Lu Bu, "you need to do something for me, when you come back, then I will finish teach you the moves of Lunar Spear, you want to go?"
Lu Bu replied, "Of course."
Shi Kong said, "It is not hard to do. There is a cave in the Southern Peak in this mountain, and inside the cave, there is one precious jewel called the rock of Zhong. This rock is perfectly round and flowers are carved on it. I need that rock so you must go and get it for me. When you go to the cave, you need to pass a river, climb that mountain and then you can enter the cave. There is a narrow bridge on the river, a narrow pass behind the mountain, and a stony window at one entrance of the cave. You need to walk on the narrow bridge, climb the mountain on the narrow passage, and enter the cave through the stony window. You can leave now."
Lu Bu hurried down the mountain and went straight to Southern Peak.

When he reached the bottom of South Peak, he saw the river. It was not wide, but the water was pretty deep and fast. About the narrow bridge, it was narrow definitely. In it only a piece of wood connect the two side of the river. Lu Bu was worried if the wood was strong enough for him to walk on it. Just then, a hunter around fifty came up to him and said, "Hey, you want to cross the river, but you can't take this bridge, do you want to stay alive or no?"
Lu Bu was more worried now, he replied, "Thanks, but you don't know. My master told me to cross the river on this bridge, I can't disobey his orders."
The hunter said, "So, your master is not here, so he won't know if you cross it or not. You life is more important than some order. Listen, there is a stone bridge not far from here, I always use that when I hunt. Get across from there and get back, it is the same thing."
After Lu Bu heard it, he thought "yeah, the hunter does have a point, and no way master will know it."

So Lu Bu crossed the river on the stony bridge and kept on going. When he reached the back of the peak, he saw the narrow pass. God, it was narrow. So steep and with grass and trees all over it. Lu Bu became afraid again. Suddenly, a farmer came up and said, "you want to go to the top? Are you crazy for taking this road? It is not only steep and hard to walk on, there are also poisoneous snakes, if you get bite, no one can save your life. Even I, who went on the peak on the time, dare not take this road." The farmer kept on and stopped Lu Bu from saying anything, "Forget it, take the road on the east side of the peak, it is wide and very little steep. I always use that road. After all, you just want to get on top of the peak, so it does not make the difference."
Lu Bu was so happy, he thought, "how come I meet so many good people today? Or else I will die here." he thanked the farmer and went to the east side.

Sure, the road was easy to take and in no time, Lu Bu got on the peak. He finally saw the cave. But he also saw the stony window. While he was staring at the window, someone beside him spoke, "Hey, want to go inside the cave?"
Lu Bu turned around and saw a beggar around 70 years old. Who saw Lu Bu nodded and kept on, "I knew it. Why are you staring at the window? There is a tiger who lived inside the window. Just the day before I saw it. Here, go to the other entrance."
Lu Bu heard there is a tiger, he sweats badly and entered through the other entrance. Using a torch, he saw a round rock is place on top of a big stone. He was so happy and got the rock and left quickly.

When Lu Bu got back to his master and gave him the rock, Shi Kong said, "did you really obey all my orders?"
Lu Bu shaked a bit, he thought about telling the truth. But then he thought, "No, if I tell the truth, master will get angry and he will not teach me anymore. He won't know it anyway so I will lie." So he said, "Yes, I did follow every instruction you give me."
Shi Kong asked, "Really?"
Lu Bu replied, "Of course."
"Okay", said Shi Kong, "You have learned everything and you can leave now."
Lu Bu was really surprised, he begged his master to let him stay, but Shi Kong had his mind made up. So Lu Bu left.

After seeing him left, Shi Kong went back to his cottage and the hunter, the farmer, and the beggar were waiting there. Shi Kong sighed, "I never really want this rock, it is just to test if he is honest or not. Lucky I tested him before I teach him all the moves of Lunar Spear, or he will definitely cause a turmoil among the people. I regret I teach him the 36 moves already."
Just like Shi Kong predicted, Lu Bu killed two of his adopted father and until he was killed, he had never done anything good.

Translated by Lucy (Empress Zhang)