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Full Name : Jiang Boyue []
Life Span : 62 years [202 - 264 AD]
Served : Cao Pi, Cao Rui, Liu Shan
Home  : Ji county, Tianshui [Gangu county in Gansu prov.]
Rank/Title  : Regent Marshal / Lord of Dangyang - Lord of Pingxiang
Description  : Supreme Commander of Shu

     Jiang Wei was a courageous general accomplished in military affairs. He was a very filial son and much esteemed. Initially Jiang Wei started off as a young general in the army of Wei in the time of Zhuge Liang's first northern expedition. He first encountered Zhuge Liang when the latter was planning an attack of deception on Tianshui. Jiang Wei actually saw through the attack and managed to beat off Zhuge Liang's army through a stratagem of encamping hidden troops outside the city instead of defending from the interior. He also dueled Zhao Yun for a couple of bouts. Zhuge Liang, not expecting such talent, immediately realised Jiang Wei's worth and planned to bring him over to Shu by a clever ruse. He knew of Jiang Wei's mother and used her to lure Jiang Wei into the city while he released Xiahou Mao and planted spies to mislead him into thinking Jiang Wei had surrendered and joined Shu. Jiang Wei was seen as a traitor by Wei and finally he decided to join Shu after he met Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang praised him highly saying, "He is the most talented man in Liangzhou."
     Despite having once been a devoted officer of Wei, Jiang Wei was utterly loyal to Zhuge Liang and the great cause once turning to Shu. He was in command of Shu forces when Zhuge Liang passed away amidst their incursion on Wei. Before his death, Zhuge Liang chose to give his valuable war manuals to Jiang Wei as to carry on his work. Jiang Wei safely withdrew the Shu army, and with the help of Yang Yi and Ma Dai, they suppressed renegades that blocked their retreat. For the thirty years after Zhuge Liang's death, Jiang Wei led further expeditions up to the north as Chief Commander, nine times compared to Zhuge Liang's six attempts. He was thwarted by various calamities on his expeditions, competing in a drawn out battle with Deng Ai. However, his efforts had no effect on the Wei army.
     While Jiang Wei was at war with Zhong Hui, Deng Ai led his men through a difficult mountain pass and attacked directly at Chengdu. Chengdu fell to Deng Ai and Liu Shan surrendered to him. Unable to fulfill Zhuge Liang's last wish to take over Wei, Jiang Wei had to think of another way to save Shu. Knowing that the enemy generals Deng Ai and Zhong Hui were hostile to each other and keen rivals, he approached Zhong Hui and feigned surrender to him. Under Jiang Wei's scheme by forging Deng Ai's letter, Sima Zhao ordered Zhong Hui to launch a punitive attack on Deng Ai. They managed to capture Deng Ai and then together they staged a coup d'etat from within Wei. They invited famous Wei officials to a great feast and slew many of their unsuspecting guests. However, the news of the slaughter was leaked out of the palace by a horrified soldier, and the families of the officials planned a lightning strike on them. Jiang Wei had plans to restore Shu once Wei power was shattered, yet he alone could not revive Shu from the outside. Eventually his fate caught up with him and a heart spasm seized him. Knowing that his death was near, he shouted, "It is the will of Heaven that I fail," and he put an end to his own life.