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The Three Kingdoms

The Three Kingdoms was a period in Chinese history taking place toward the end of the Han Dynasty. It was the time in the late 2nd century. The later Han Dynasty, which had ruled for the previous 165 years, was losing control and authority. The Imperial Court lacked real power, warlords battled each other and the people were subject to oppression and war crimes. Administration of law was no longer emanating from the Emperor, but from power-hungry generals. Although it is one of the most turbulence era, it is the golden age of chivalry in Chinese history that happened almost 1800 years ago.

At that time, the peasants suffered poverty due to harsh taxation. Corruption is rampant in the imperial court due to eunuches holding power. And the worst when natural disasters such as floods, epidemic and locust swarms devouring the crops grown by the peasants. Hunger and dissatisfaction among the peasants soon escalated rapidly and many of them joined in a major rebellion known as the Yellow Turban Rebellion or Yellow Scarves Rebellion led by Zhang Jiao, a wandering magician who swore to rescue the people. But it was not long before Zhang Jiao's rebels dispersed by numerous warriors and warlords, rounded up by Regent Marshal He Jin.

At first, no single general controlled more than a handful of states, however China gradually became divided by powerful warriors. It was in 220 AD when the famous Three Kingdoms of Wei, Wu and Shu was established. The ruler of each was desperately attempting to consolidate the entire country under himself. Tales of their adventures, wisdoms, exploits and many more are told in the novel "Romance of Three Kingdoms". It is one of the great chinese classics and epic stories, a masterpiece by Luo Guanzhong, covering the period 184-280 AD. The novel comprises around 70+% fact and 20+% fiction. Romance of Three Kingdoms is not only about the struggle and conflicts among the warlords, but it is also about betrayal, courage, determination, friendship, loyalty and trust among the people.

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