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Full Name : Huang Hansheng []
Life Span : 74 years [148 - 222 AD]
Served : Liu Biao, Han Xuan, Liu Bei
Home  : Nanyang district [Nanyang city in Henan prov.]
Rank/Title  : General Who Conquers the West - General of the Rear /
  : Lord of the Second Rank - Forthright Lord
Description  : Tiger General of Shu

     Expert in many crafts of war, the elder general Huang Zhong wielded a sword as skillfully as he shot with his massive bow. He was a strong warrior and could bend the three-hundred-pound bow, an excellent archer of the time. He and Liu Biao's nephew; Liu Pan held the Changsha region under Liu Biao for some time. After Liu Biao's death, Huang Zhong went to serve Han Xuan who took command of the city.
     He defended Changsha for Han Xuan against Guan Yu's invading army. They fought a hundred and more bouts in duel, but neither seemed nearer victory. Next day, they fought again and were evenly matched. In the confusion of battle Huang Zhong was thrown from his horse, but Guan Yu let him escape unharmed. In the next bout of fighting, Huang Zhong went out under orders to shoot and kill Guan Yu. However, twice he plucked his empty bowstring towards his opponent. A third time he purposely directed an arrow into the base plumes of Guan Yu's helmet. Huang Zhong's passive display on the battlefield only invited Han Xuan's reached wrath, and he was sentenced to die due to his actions of sparing Guan Yu's life. Before a blade reached his neck, Wei Yan rushed upon the scene and saved him.
     Huang Zhong was ashamed of himself and avoided meeting anyone since then. But soon, Liu Bei went in person to his house and inquired for him. Huang Zhong decided to join Liu Bei, and led the advance guard into Shu. He frequently had to rescue Wei Yan in his impertinent attempts to rush ahead into battle. Later at Tiandang Mountain, he, together with Yan Yan defeated Xiahou De who insisted on attacking Huang Zhong when Zhang He advised exercising caution. He used strategy that makes the enemy overconfident and scored a victory. In the incursion on Hanzhong, he headed three divisions into action with Fa Zheng as advisor and confronted an elder leader from Cao Cao's army, Xiahou Yuan at Dingjun Mountain. Huang Zhong fought a decisive battle, swiping through Xiahou Yuan with one mighty blow of the sword, and won a complete victory.
      Later, Huang Zhong accompanied Liu Bei to fight Wu at Yiling as a Van Leader. He fought valiantly although he was over seventy years of age at that time. On his first attack, he cut off one of Wu generals and scored a full victory. Next day, he pursued Pan Zhang who made a feint and got away. Suddenly, he fell into an ambush and found himself attacked from all sides. Huang Zhong forced his way to retreat but as he was passing some hills, an enemy cohort led by Ma Zhong came down the slopes, and one of the arrows wounded the veteran in the armpit. He was taken back to the main camp by Guan Xing and Zhang Bao, but unfortunately he was seriously wounded and died that night. Liu Bei mourned for him and made him a grave in Chengdu.