Period [AD] Description
184  Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out under Zhang Jiao.
189  Emperor Ling died, Bian succeeded. Dong Zhuo entered Luoyang.
190  Dong Zhuo deposed Bian and installed Xian as Emperor.
191  Dong Zhuo moved the capital to Changan and burnt Luoyang.
192  Sun Jian died. Dong Zhuo is assassinated under Wang Yun's plot.
194  Warlords struggled for power. Cao Cao became powerful in Yanzhou.
195  Sun Ce started his conquest to unite the South Land.
196  Posed as Emperor's Protector, Cao Cao moved the capital to Xuchang.
197  With Hereditary Seal, Yuan Shu declared himself an Emperor.
198  Lu Bu was defeated and executed by Cao Cao.
199  Yuan Shao controlled northern China. Yuan Shu fled and died.
200  Cao Cao met Yuan Shao at Guandu. Sun Ce died, Sun Quan succeeded.
201  Yuan Shao was defeated at Guandu.
202  Yuan Shao died, Yuan Shang succeeded.
203  Cao Cao triumphed over Yuan Shang and Yuan Tan.
205  Liu Bei stationed his army at Xinye.
207  Cao Cao dominated central China. Liu Bei visited Zhuge Liang.
208  Cao Cao was defeated at Red Wall by Sun Quan and Liu Bei.
209  Sun Quan lost to Zhang Liao at Hefei. Taishi Ci died.
210  Zhou Yu died.
211  Liu Bei entered Shu. Ma Chao fought Cao Cao at Changan.
213  Pang Tong died. Zhuge Liang entered Shu.
214  Liu Bei conquered Shu from Liu Zhang.
215  Defeated Zhang Lu, Cao Cao gained control of Hanzhong.
216  Cao Cao became Prince of Wei.
217  Cao Cao declared Cao Pi as his heir apparent.
219  Liu Bei became Prince of Hanzhong. Guan Yu died.
220  Cao Cao died. Cao Pi deposed Xian and made himself Emperor of Wei.
221  Liu Bei became Emperor. Zhang Fei was killed. Liu Bei invaded Wu.
222  Lu Xun defeated Liu Bei at Yiling. Cao Pi attacked Wu but failed.
223  Liu Bei entrusted Shu to Zhuge Liang and died. Liu Shan succeeded.
224  Cao Pi attacked Wu again and lost. Zhang Liao died.
225  Zhuge Liang subdued the southern Mang. Ma Chao died.
226  Cao Pi died and Cao Rui succeeded him.
227  Zhuge Liang started his first northern campaign against Wei.
228  Ma Su lost at Jieting and Zhuge Liang executed him. Zhao Yun died.
229  Sun Quan declared himself Emperor of Wu.
230  Cao Zhen and Sima Yi invaded Hanzhong but failed.
234  Stalemate at Wuzhang Plain, Zhuge Liang died.
238  Gongsun Yuan's rebellion was crushed by Sima Yi.
239  Cao Rui died and Cao Fang succeeded him.
240  Cao Shuang gained absolute power in court of Wei.
244  Cao Shuang was repelled in his attack on Hanzhong. Lu Xun died.
249  Sima Yi gained military power in contest with Cao Shuang.
251  Sima Yi died, Sima Shi gained absolute power.
252  Sun Quan died and Sun Liang succeeded him.
254  Sima Shi deposed Cao Fang and installed Cao Mao as Emperor of Wei.
255  Sima Shi died, Sima Zhao gained absolute power.
256  Jiang Wei lost to Deng Ai at Duan Gorge.
258  Zhuge Dan lost to Sima Zhao. Sun Chen deposed Sun Liang over Sun Xiu.
260  Cao Mao was assassinated. Cao Huang succeeded him.
263  Three-pronged Wei offensive against Shu, Liu Shan surrendered.
265  Sima Yan deposed Cao Huang and made himself Jin Wudi.
266  Sun Xiu died and Sun Hao succeeded him.
269  Yang Hu prepared an invasion to Wu, later passed on to Du Yu.
279  Five simultaneously Jin forces under Du Yu and Wang Jun invaded Wu.
280  Sun Hao surrendered to Jin, reunification of China completed.

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